Ways Video Can Enhance a User’s Experience

          As a student, there are many words that are hard to understand. Whenever I stumble across one of these terms, I go online and look up the definition. However, this alone is not enough; there must be more content to better understand it, and usually, a video is just what I need. Having a video explain it to me helps a lot more than having to read only words. A video provides a visual and is easier to watch compared to reading an article.

Having a Visual Aid

          Having a video on a webpage provides a visual aid. Watching a video is colorful, while reading is monochromatic. Most videos have audio, which allow for the audience to pick up tone or emotions the author portrays throughout the dialogue. On the other hand, reading is harder to interpret because readers can choose to understand it either literally or contextually. Some people prefer reading, but people tend to retain audio longer than what they read; this is similar to how we converse with others and recall what they say. Having audio along with a visual to explain a concept allows for people to absorb the information longer than by just having them read it.

Easier to Listen Than to Read

          It is easier to listen than to read, especially for those who are learning English or have a hard time reading. Babies first learn by hearing sounds before they learn to speak, read, and write. As for English learners, listening also comes first before speaking, reading, and writing; to listen to a video rather than to read the whole webpage makes it simpler. Communication is usually conducted verbally and not through reading, so having a form of audio would send a clearer message. Therefore, having a video on a webpage enables more engagement with the audience and promotes interest.

As Millennials and Generation Z…

          In our current generation, innovative technology is not uncommon. Teachers are starting to incorporate videos into their lessons while coming up with class activities. Education no longer consists of only books and whiteboards, but there are also tablets and SMART Boards. Students do not have to grow up reading only textbooks, but also have access to the internet. This is most likely a reason as to why more and more websites have videos. Videos provide aid and attract the audience’s interest.

Over time, the internet has become more and more popular; more webpages were created as well. With the improvement of technology, videos also came about. Videos provide visual aid and audio, which help the audience understand what the author is trying to say. There is also an evolution of education; there is now the use of technology, the use of videos, incorporated into teaching and learning. By having videos, webpages become more meaningful and appealing, thus enhancing the user experience.

This blog was written for the Matinee Scholarship (https://www.matinee.co.uk/voice-over-agency/matinee-scholarship/). Thanks for reading!


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