Couponing in College: Tips to Save Money as a Student

          As a college student, there is always the thought of being on a tight budget. Many college students tend to have little money to spend and little experience on how to save money in the adult world. Continue reading and you can learn a few money-saving tips that are hopefully helpful for you!

Find apps on your phone

          Most students have smartphones nowadays and there are many apps and websites that can help with finding coupons to save money. Groupon is an app that helps not only students, but also adults find coupons and deals in their area. Dealspotr is a website that provides coupons and discounts for all kinds of things. Gasbuddy is an app that uses people’s locations to find affordable gas stations closest to them. This can help some students who commute or have a car because they live far from home. FiveStars is a customer loyalty app that keeps tracks of rewards you can gain from visiting businesses through using your phone number. These are only a few of many apps available.

Look for stores that have coupons or flash sales

          There are many stores, such as Walgreens, Macy’s, and JCPenney, that have coupons on their catalogs or online. You should pay attention to catalogs and store ads for discounts. For all of the coupons you gather, make sure to keep track of when they expire. However, some stores, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, do accept expired coupons. There are flash sales, when stores have reduced prices on almost all items for a limited time. There are also supermarkets that have food coupons, and on a certain day of the week, there are deals at supermarkets. Some restaurants also give food coupons for visiting a certain amount of times. There are promotion codes that come around during holidays for some stores so look out for those. Have patience! Sometimes, promotion codes can simply be found by doing a Google search. And again, promotion codes can also be found on apps.

Student Discounts and Loyalty Programs

         Some stores and restaurants give discounts for just being a student as long as you show your student ID or input your college email. Not all stores show that they have a student discount, so make sure you ask whether they offer discounts or not. By inputting your college email, you can sign up for their loyalty program for store rewards. With the loyalty program or subscription, some stores send you emails about promotions or mobile coupons. Some of these are sometimes sent by mail. Being a student, some stores give discounts on subscriptions, memberships, and apps.

Do not buy textbooks from the college bookstore

          Find what textbooks and books you need before the semester starts, or you risk having to go to the school bookstore, where prices are much higher compared to getting them online. is an option for finding textbooks online. At my school, we have a Facebook page for textbook exchange, in which students sell their used books for a cheaper price compared to the bookstore. This page can also be used to sell your own books in the future as well, if you are in no need of them. Check to see if your school has a website for textbook exchange.

Amazon Prime

          As a student, you should have a valid .edu email. With that email, you can sign up for a six-month trial of Amazon Student Prime. Amazon Prime gives you access to free two-day shipping, exclusive deals, Prime Video, and much more. Referring a friend to Amazon Student Prime also gives you and your friend an easy $5.

Price Check

          Some stores, such as Best Buy, do price checks for items. If you are able to find a better deal for the same product online or at another store, they allow you to buy their product for the cheaper price. Sometimes, you can be in a rush for the product and going to the store for a price check is much more convenient than having to wait for shipping.

Look into school activities

          It is not always easy to keep track of how much is spent, especially when hanging out with friends and going out to eat. An alternative to this is to attend student activities. Many school activities are free, so you and your friends can save some money by attending. However, if you are going out, there are plenty of places to eat or hang out that have student discounts, so plan ahead of time.

          This post, “Couponing in College: Tips to Save Money as a Student”, is written for the Dealspotr ‘Couponing in College Scholarship’. If you would like to check out this scholarship, here is the link: I hope this post has given you more tips in learning how to save money in college and good luck with your academic years! Thanks for reading!


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